The latest version of Seesmic for Android is out, and the biggest change is that the social networking app now supports Facebook. That means you can use one app to keep up with the latest news from your Facebook and Twitter contacts. The app also supports Google Buzz and Salesforce Chatter.

There’s no unified news feed, which means you’ll have to choose which account you want to view. But you can use Seesmic to access multiple Twitter of Facebook accounts if you like.

The Facebook view offers the ability to check your news feed, view your friends list, see pages you like, and access your Facebook wall. You can also use the app to “like,” share, or comment on updates, view your friends’ profiles, or post your own status updates.

Seesmic has added support for TwitLonger to the Twitter portion of the app, allowing you to post messages that are longer than 140 characters (although your followers will have to click a link to read the whole thing).

Seesmic 1.6 also supports inline comments for Salesforce Chatter and Google Buzz, the URL shortener, and allows you to see a list of people that have retweeted a tweet.

There are also new home screen widgets, allowing you to set up separate Seesmic widgets for Facebook, Twitter, Chatter, or Buzz.

I’ve tested Seesmic a few times in the past, but I’ve never found it to offer many features that made it more valuable than the official Facebook or Twitter apps for Android. But Twitter has become a bit of a resource hog recently, taking up well over 15MB of data on my phone. After playing around with Seesmic a bit today, it’s using just 4MB of disk space, so I’m going to test it for at least a few days to see if it continues to use less storage than the official Twitter app.

Seesmic for Android is available as a free download from the Android Market. The app supports Google Android 1.5 and up.

Brad Linder

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