One of the coolest music discovery app for iPhone has just been updated to version 4.0 with several new features including Facebook integration.  The latest version of Shazam now lets you see a feed of song that your Facebook friends have recently tagged. This is done through the new option “Shazam Friends.”

Shazam lets you identify songs playing on the radio, on TV, or anywhere in the real world by holding your phone up to the sound. You can also tag and purchase tracks through Shazam.

The new social features let you navigate through the songs that your Shazam friends have recently discovered. Through the said feature, you can listen to the music which your friends have tagged as well purchase them online.

Shazam 4.0 will also let you post tags to Facebook and Twitter, add comments as well as give your friends a chance to listen to music you’ve tagged if streaming services are available. To enable the Facebook-specific feature, you must log in to your account and allow the app to connect with Facebook.

Shazam is available both as a [itunes link=”″ title=”free download” text=”free download”] and[itunes link=”″ title=”premium version” text=” premium version”] ($5.99) from the App Store.

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