Skyfire has released a new version of its popular web browser for the iPhone. Skyfire 3.1 includes a handful of new features including localized versions for 7 new languages, and the ability to switch the user agent between iPhone, Desktop, or iPad views.

The web browser also now shows “related site.” This doesn’t just help you find new sites you might like — it also comes in handy if you’re trying to use Skyfire to watch a video only to find out that the web site doesn’t load properly in Skyfire. You can use the related sites feature to search the web for sites with similar content.

Skyfire’s claim to fame is that it lets you watch Flash video on phones which don’t support Flash, by encoding videos and other data in an iPhone-friendly format using remote servers and then sending it to your phone. But not all web sites appreciate this feature and some sites, such as Hulu, have taken steps to block Skyfire.

Skyfire 3.1 is available [itunes link=”″ title=”from the App Store for $2.99″ text=”from the App Store for $2.99″].

Brad Linder

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