There are a handful of office suites for Google Android including QuickOffice, Documents To Go, OfficeSuite, and ThinkFree Office. But there’s always room for one more, especially if that one more is SoftMaker Office.

SoftMaker has been developing mobile office software for years and the company currently offers desktop word processing, spreadsheet and presentation apps as well as full-featured mobile apps for Windows Mobile. The mobile app does a better job of letting you open and edit Microsoft Office documents without losing the original formatting than pretty much any other Windows Mobile app on the market — including Microsoft’s own mobile office tools.

Now the company is working on a version of SoftMaker Office for Google Android. A public beta will be available soon.

The office suite has been redesigned with an Android specific user interface. That means finger-friendly controls, including a series of toolbars that give you a lot of control over documents you’re creating or editing.

That includes everything from text alignment fonts and font sizes. If the double stack of toolbars seems like it’s going to take up too much screen real estate though, there’s nothing to worry about since it’s collapsible.

We should know more about SoftMaker Office for Android soon.

via ZDNet

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