SugarSync is a popular online service for backing up files, sharing them over the internet, and accessing them on the go. This week SugarSync launched a new version of its mobile app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The new version brings in greater access, control and sharing of files and folders for iOS device users. It also allows more file and folder manager tasks to be performed as if you were using a computer.

One of the new feature is a simpler way of sending files from your iOS device. Now, you just need to select the “Copy Link to Clipboard” option within the app and share the file link using another app such as email, Facebook, Twitter and others. The recipient of your files or folders will receive an email containing the link which if clicked will automatically download the files.

The app also now allows you to share multiple files or folders all at once. You can also now share files or folders using your device’s native address book. The update also brings enhanced its performance and stability.

Other features of this iOS app include  the ability to stream music as you multitask, get your photos onto your iOS device and the addition of in-app referral capabilities, allowing you to earn more free storage by referring friends to SugarSync.

SugarSync for iOS is available as a [itunes link=”″ title=”free download from the App Store” text=”free download from the iTunes App Store”]. SugarSync offers 5GB of online storage for free. A 30GB plan will cost you $4.99 monthly.

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  1. I started using SugarSync a couple of years ago and I still find it very useful. It saved me from some bad situations i got into with my PC and my parents’.

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