While Comcast was first to announce their intentions to bring live cable television to the iPad, Time Warner Cable is first to execute with the release of TWCable TV. The free app lets Time warner customers view about 30 select cable TV channels over a home WiFi connection, including Bravo, Food Network, and CNBC. More channels will be available later.

But DISH Network would like to remind us that they were the first provider to offer live (and recorded) content via their Slingbox-enabled VIP 922 DVR. But it’s a bit of a trade off. They provide access to all channels from within and beyond the home, yet it’s potentially a kludgy experience. (And the more attention they get, the more likely it is that the studios will object to that unlicensed placeshifting beyond the home.)

TWC’s iPad app looks pretty smooth by comparison and content is streamed directly from their servers, so you don’t need a special set top box and you don’t have to sacrifice a TV tuner on your home theater system to watch TV on your iPad.

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