Unity is a development platform for creating games and other 3D applications for the web and iOS. Today the company behind Unity released new Android development software — as well as tools that let developers port games from one platform to another with a single click. In other words, if you’ve developed an iOS game for distribution in the App Store, all you have to do to get it into the Android Market is fire up the Unity tools and export the app as an Android app (and then submit it to the Android Market).

Unity has been beta testing the new Android development software since last year, and more than 50 games have already been ported including the stunning-looking Samurai II: Vengeance.

According to the press release, porting an app really is as simple as clicking a button, but most developers put in a bit more time to tweak the artwork and make other changes for Android, so if you want to do a good job of porting your iOS game to Android it sounds like you might have to put in a few days or weeks of work rather than a few seconds. Still, that’s a whole lot better than starting over again from scratch.

The basic Unity development platform is available for free, but the Android plugin costs $400. You can also get the fuller-featured Unity Pro software for $1500 and the Android Pro plugin for another $1500.

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