Live video service Ustream used to offer two separate apps for the iPhone. One let you broadcast live video over the internet from your phone’s camera. The other let you watch live and recorded video shared by other users. This week the company finally took the obvious step of combining those apps.

Ustream 2.0 is now available as a free download for devices running iOS 4.1 and up. In addition to the basic broadcast and viewing service, the new app also lets you chat with your audience from within the app or conduct polls — although I imagine it’s tough to do that without the video going all wonky if you’re trying to shoot video and type at the same time.

You can sort through live and recorded video streams by category, search, or check out popular videos from a featured list.

Overall, the update makes the app is a lot like the app for the iPhone… but with more Charlie Sheen.

via TechCrunch

Brad Linder

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