Online video site Vimeo has launched a new iPhone app which lets you view Vimeo videos on the go… and also upload videos from your phone or use the built-in video editor to trim or combine clips, add titles, transitions, effects and audio.

The video editor is pretty easy to use, and you can either upload your finished project to Vimeo or export a project to your camera roll to upload to YouTube or another video site — so even if you’re not a Vimeo user you might want to check out the free app as an alternative to Apple’s $4.99 [itunes link=”″ title=”iMovie app for iPhone” text=”iMovie app for the iPhone”].

The app also lets you manage videos you’ve uploaded to your Vimeo account, replace existing videos, edit titles, tags, or other information, and share videos with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, email, or SMS. You can view stats, and upload videos from your device to groups, channels or albums.

The app does have a few quirks. When I tried switching from the front to rear camera while shooting a video, for instance, it crashed.

Even if you have no interest in sharing your on videos via Vimeo, you can use the app to browse for videos uploaded by other users, view videos in your Inbox o Watch Later queue, or videos you’ve liked. One feature that’s noticeably absent? A search box. While you can browse for videos on the site, I don’t see any way to search for Vimeo videos using the iPhone app.

The Vimeo app supports the iPhone, 4th generation iPod touch, and iPad 2. It’s available as a free [itunes link=”″ title=”download from the App Store” text=”download from the App Store”].

via Business Insider

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