Microsoft has started pushing out the first major update for Windows Phone 7. This follows a smaller update a few weeks ago which was designed simply to pave the way for this release. The update, which is codenamed “NoDo” bring s a number of new features to the mobile operating system, including:

  • Support for Copy and Paste
  • Faster app launching and resuming
  • Improved search in the Windows Phone Marketplace
  • Better synchronization with Facebook accounts

The NoDo update also brings improvements for Outlook, text messaging, camera functions, and improved Bluetooth audio performance.

Users who haven’t yet received a notification that an update is available can check for updates by going to the App list on their phones, tapping Settings, and then Phone updates. You’ll need to connect your phone to a PC running the Zune Desktop software or a Mac running the Windows Phone Connector app in order to apply the NoDo update.

via WinRumors


Brad Linder

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