Nokia pretty much pulled the plug on Symbian when the company announced its future smartphones would run Windows Phone 7. But there are still a lot of Symbian phones on the market (not in the US, but in Europe and other locales), and Nokia was still supporting those phones and working on some updates. Now Nokia is washing its hands of that responsibility as well, transferring the Symbian project to Accenture.

That means 3,000 developers who had been working on Symbian at Nokia will now be working on Symbian… at Accenture.

Nokia is still laying off 4,000 people, so it’s not all good news for the company’s employees. But it’s also not all bad news for Symbian enthusiasts… assuming there are still any left. Come 2012 it’s going to start getting harder and harder to find phones running the Symbian operating system, but Nokia and Accenture plan to offer training for those Symbian developers to keep them relevant as the company transitions away from the mobile OS.

via TechCrunch

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