Adobe has released new software that will let you use an iPad or other tablet as a touch-based controller for the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Extend has an SDK that will let developers write apps for iOS, Android, and the BlackBerry Playbook. The first three apps are already available for the iPad.

Color Lava lets you mix colors on an iPad and send them to Photoshop running on your computer. Eazel lets you draw pictures on your tablet and then transfer them to a computer to continue working. Nav is like a physical remote control for Photoshop, giving you quick access to a number of features, and freeing up space on your computer screen.

The new apps should be available in the App Store early next month, with prices running between $2 and $5. Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 will be a free upgrade for CS5 users.

Since the company is releasing an SDK, Color Lava, Eazel, and Nav are likely to be just three of the first apps which bridge the gap between your tablet and your computer for the purposes of creating artwork. Third party apps will probably follow soon.

via All Things D

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