Feel like apps running in the background are constantly using up your phone’s memory and slowing things down? You could uninstall apps you don’t actually use, but if you’re not ready to take that kind of drastic step you might want to check out AndMemory. it’s a free app which lets you free up memory.


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The most basic thing you can do with AndMemory is hit the “Quick Boost” button to free up some RAM right away. There’s also a home screen widget which you can press to free up memory with one click.


But if you have a rooted phone you can also use the app to automatically monitor your memory settings and make adjustments on the fly to improve performance.

AndMemory also helps you get a handle on how much memory apps and service are using by showing you far more details than you get from the program manager that comes with Android.

You can download the app from the xda-developers forum or from Google Code. It’s not available from the Android Market.

via xda-developers

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