A couple of companies made a splash recently by announcing they could carrier unlock any iPhone for a fee of about $170 without jailbreaking your phone. Not surprisingly, the services have been shut down — most likely by a change in the way Apple stores data related to unlocked phones.

Cult of Mac reports that a company called CutYourSim unlocked about 400 phones for customers before the service stopped working. Now the company is issuing refunds to remaining customers who had placed orders — although CutYourSim apparently isn’t entirely sure what changed or if the service will start working again later.

The kind of scary thing? CutYourSim was working with a supplier in the UK and honestly had no idea how the service worked, which makes it hard for potential customers to know either.

The good news is it sounds like anyone who has already had their phone unlocked through this method should be good to go.

Brad Linder

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