This just keeps getting better. Research in Motion caught a fair amount of flack for launching a tablet which doesn’t include native email, calendar, or contact apps. But the company said all you need to do is download an app called BlackBerry Bridge on your BlackBery smartphone and you can access versions of your phone’s personal information management apps in big screen glory on the PlayBook.

There’s just one problem: The BlackBerry Bridge app is now availabel for download, but it doesn’t work on AT&T’s network.

The app works with all other carriers, but because BlackBerry Bridge doesn’t just let you share your calendar, contacts, and other apps but also your internet connection, AT&T has blocked it — likely to prevent you from tethering your tablet without paying an extra monthly fee. Of course, free tethering is probably one of the biggest selling points for the PlayBook, but I wouldn’t be surprised if AT&T eventually adds support for the Bridge software only after the company figures out how to charge extra for it.

Fortunately the folks at CrackBerry have discovered a workaround which will let you run the software on AT&T BlackBerry phones.

Update: AT&T says the company is still testing the app which is why it’s not yet available for AT&T customers.

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  1. “Still testing the app”. Right. And my payment will “still be in the mail” until you’re done “testing the app”, AT&T.

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