Leave it to Cablevision… True to form, the company has thrown caution to the wind and launched the full fledged iPad app cable subscribers have been waiting for. It offers more than 300 channels of live television and more than 2,000 titles of video on demand content with more on the way.

The app also offers a searchable program guide, the ability to schedule DVR recordings, parental controls, and closed captioning.

While other television providers attempt broker deals and succumb to studio pressure, Cablevision has simply opened the firehose. Your iPad is your television. As with any set-top box, content is delivered from Cablevision’s head end into one’s home and doesn’t rely on Internet delivery.

Cablevision’s Optimum for iPad is available as a free download from iTunes, although you’ll clearly need to be a Cablevision subscriber to use the app.

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One reply on “Cablevision launches iPad app with 300 channels of live TV”

  1. Caution to the wind or not, Cablevision is all in it now and nothing will stop them, or is there something? Programmers seem to have a way with providers lately if you read the news. I have my TV Everywhere secured away in my DISH Network employee Sling adapter so I don’t have to worry about these things. I watch on my iPhone all the time and don’t intend to stop anytime soon. I especially like that I can watch my DVD recordings since that’s easier than trying to catch a show when it’s live unless it’s sports with is better live.


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