The HTC Sensation will be the first phone to come with HTC Sense 3.0 software when the Android smartphone starts shipping soon. But it looks like hackers may figure out how to incorporate some elements of Sense 3.0 on phones before that happens — or at least how to extract custom wallpapers and ringtones from the software.

That’s because a pre-release build of the HTC Sensation software has been leaked and it’s available for download from a Chinese forum (or from a mirror site).

While Google Android is built on open source software, HTC Sense 3.0 is not open source, so it’s not clear whether hackers will be able to (or want to) port all of the new features to existing phones. But at the very least the leak gives us a good idea of what the software interface for upcoming HTC phones will look like.

Update: As expected, the wallpapers have been extracted and you can download them from Android Police.

via Android Police

Brad Linder

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