The power widget that comes with newer versions of Google Android makes it easy to access a few system functions from your home screen including brightness, wireless connectivity, and data synchronization. But Elixir is a third party app that lets you do just about anything from your home screen.

Elixir is a powerful system information tool that also has highly customizable home screen widgets that let you place icons for battery use or temperature, CPU usage or frequency, date, time, storage use, and other statistics about your phone. You can also place toggles on the home screen allowing you to turn WiFi or mobile data on or off with a switch, enable or disable airplane mode, screen rotation, Bluetooth, or most other configurable options.

The app also lets you place program shortcuts within a widget — which comes in handy if you want to cram more shortcuts on a page than you can normally fit on a Google Android home screen.

Widgets are available in sizes from 1×1 to 7×7.

You can also ignore the home screen widgets altogether and just use Elixir as a tool for analyzing system stats. When you launch the application you’ll see information about your phone at a glance including the manufacturer, model number, and operating system version as well as CPU, battery, storage, memory, and wireless stats.

There’s also information about the running processes and services, and you can tap the “sensors” tab to view details about the g-sensor, accelerometer, magnetometer, light sensor, proximity sensor, or any other sensors in your phone. You can also turn them on or off from this screen.

Elixir is available as a free download from the Android Market. There’s also a free Elixir Personal add-on which lets you view add personal information such as contacts, Gmail, unread counts, and missed calls to your home screen widgets.

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Brad Linder

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