EPIX is a cable channel and web portal with more than 3,000 streaming movies available to subscribers. Now the company is getting ready to expand its horizons with a series of apps for mobile phones, tablets, set-top-boxes, and internet connected TVs.

According to the press release, Google Android and BlackBerry Playbook apps are in the works, as well as versions for Samsung televisions and Blu-ray players and Roku set top boxes. A Google TV app is already available, and Engadget reports that EPIX has confirmed it’s working on an iOS version, but waiting for Apple’s approval.

All of the apps, with the exception of the iOS versions, should be available in the second quarter of 2011.

The one thing that’s always bugged me about EPIX is that you can only access the company’s online video offerings if you subscribe to the TV chanel through your cable, satellite or telephone provider — which can be difficult if your provider doesn’t yet offer EPIX.

Brad Linder

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  1. This is disappointing…..FInally….without saying it….Blackberry OS is also getting swallowed by Droid….. correct me if I am wrong.

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