Facebook has just released an updated version of its iPhone app which adds the ability to check in to events. Whereas previously, the app only allows you to check in via Facebook Places, the new version now extends beyond this and allows you to check in to events you’ve been invited to.

Of course, to check in to an event, you must be in the location specified in the invitation. So, you can’t test it right now for events you’re attending unless that event is happening right now and you are actually in the location. But if you want to try this new feature, you can create a test event and see if it works for you. You’ll see the check in button right on the events page as well as a “Here Now” after right after you’ve checked in to an event to see who else have checked in to the same event.

Facebook 3.2 for iPhone also now lets you view friends on a map. You can see the Map tab side by side with the previously available Activity tab to find out where your friends have recently checked in via Google Maps.  The new version of the app also lets you unfriend a Facebook contact from your phone.

Other new features added include a better News Feed and notifications. Facebook for iPhone is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store. If you’ve downloaded it before, simply the Update button to get the new version.

via Techcrunch

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