You know how when you login to Facebook in a desktop web browser there’s a constant stream of “People You May Know” asking for your attention in the upper right corner of the screen? Yeah, know they’re bugging you on mobile devices as well.

When you login to the [itunes link=”″ title=”facebook” text=”Facebook app for iOS”], you may start to see alerts at the top of your News Feed suggesting people you might want to add as friends.

Facebook identifies potential friends by looking to see if you have mutual friends. If you’re the social type, you might find this to be a welcome new feature. On the other hand, if you’re just trying to see what you’re real friends are up to without constantly being reminded that 6 of your friends are still friends with your ex… the constant reminder might not be quite so welcome.

I haven’t seen any friend suggestions in Facebook’s Android app yet, but apparently not all iPhone users are seeing the new feature yet either, so it’s too early to say if it’s confined to iOS.

via AppAdvice

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3 replies on “Facebook iOS app starts throwing “People You May Know” into your News Feed”

  1. Why are they taking up our valuable screen space with that??? There needs to be a way to turn it off!

    1. The more friends you have, the more likely you are going to browse their profile, the more likely you the pageview count per visit will increase. Otherwise I’m not sure why they recommend people you may know. Most of them are acquaintances at best. Who wants random people to have access to your Facebook info…not me.

  2. I HATE this new “feature” at the top of your news feed, on what is already limited space. When I want to add friends I will. I don’t need a reminder of my 3rd grade school teacher’s dog’s baby sitter’s brother’s second cousin.

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