Any weather app for Android worth its salt includes a home screen widget that can let you see the current temperature and other conditions without launching the full app. But Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch don’t support widgets, so most iOS weather apps just show you a cute picture of a sun and you have to actually load the app to see anything else.

But one developer has figured out a way to show you the current temperature on your home screen — by using the iPhone notification system. Instead of showing you how may instant messages or friend requests are waiting for you, [itunes link=”″ title=”fahrenheit” text=”Fahrenheit”] sends an alert with the current temperature.

The number shows up in the upper right corner of the icon on your home screen icon and if you only want to know whether to grab your sandals or winter coat as you head out the door, that might be all the information you need.

Of course if you open Fahrenheit, you do get additional details including the current conditions, a 10 day forecast, cloud radar, and more.

Fahrenheit is available [itunes link=”″ title=”fahrenheit” text=”from the App Store for $0.99″]. It’s almost worth paying that much just to support the clever developer who came up with the idea of getting around one of the iPhone’s limitations by the available developer tools.

Update: If Fahrenheit isn’t your thing, there’s also a [itunes link=”″ title=”celsius” text=”Celsius app”] which offers the same features with a different temperature scale.

via AppAdvice

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