FileXChange is a new app being developed by a company called iStartApp that is designed to make the process of transferring files between mobile OS platforms a little easier. While Bluetooth connectivity already does this job, transfering files over Bluetooth can be slow.

FileXChange is designed to make things faster by using Wi-Fi (or Bluetooth) for transferring large files from an iOS device to any Windows, Mac, Linux or Android device.

Among the app’s best features include its ability to transfer almost any file, whether it be a video, photo, PowerPoint, MP3 or text file. From what we can see in the video (below), it appears to have an intuitive and simplistic UI, with decent graphics to boot. You will have functions to email, zip, unzip files and protect your data via password lock. Of course, the whole feature set is centered around high-speed transfers.

Another FileXChange feature for iOS users is the ability to use your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as a USB flash drive, so you can transfer files from a computer without syncing to iTunes.

For more information on FileXChange, view iStartApp’s website. The developer says the app is expected to enter the App Store soon.

via IntoMobile


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