DirecTV may have been the first US television provider to announce plans to provide HBO GO mobile video apps for iOS and Android, but it won’t be the only company to do so. In a video teaser posted on YouTube, HBO promises that HBO GO will soon be available on smartphones and tablets as well as laptops.

The short video gives us a decent look at the upcoming iPad app and a brief glimpse at an Android smartphone app.

The app will let HBO subscribers view every episode of HBO programs, as well as movies. The iPad app appears to have a touch-friendly grid or programs to choose from, with tabs for all shows, features episodes, and  family shows. Movies can be sorted alphabetically or by genre or you can view featured videos or collections.

It sounds like a great value-added feature for HBO subscribers. I’d love to see HBO offer a subscription option for people who don’t want to sign up for an expensive cable plan just to watch the latest episodes of True Blood and Boardwalk Empire though.

You can check out the video after the break.

via NewTeeVee

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