The 2011 Major League Baseball season’s opening day is finally here, and so is a new iPhone app to help fans follow their favorite teams. has partnered with Zumobi to launch [itunes link=”″ title=”sporting news baseball” text=”Sporting News Baseball”], an ad-supported app that delivers scores, standings, stats, league and team news, player info, recaps and exclusive fantasy league content. The app also provides access to the Sporting News baseball blog’s MLB coverage and content. 

The app’s Stats menu is the most detailed of any sports app I’ve seen (and I use many). You can view stats from the AL and NL (respectively) batting and pitching, which covers stat categories such as batting average, runs batted in, stolen bases, and home runs. The scorekeeping function is also quick and responsive, with in-game score updates highlighted as soon as they happen.

While most avid baseball fans generally look no further than the MLB At Bat series of $14.99 apps, the free Sporting News Baseball is certainly worth checking out. While not nearly as advanced and feature-rich as At Bat ’11, it still does a solid job of keeping the most dedicated baseball fan up-to-date on all the latest stats, scores and news.

Sporting News Baseball is compatible with all iOS devices and available in the App Store. It is also available on the WebOS Platform.



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