The Final Fantasy games have set a high bar for pretty much every RPG released in the past 20 years. Square Enix has published Final Fantasy titles for nearly every major game console and recently the company has brought some high quality games to the iPhone and iPad including a port of Final Fantasy III which may be the best RPG available for iOS. But there’s not a single Final Fantasy game available for Android yet (unless you use an emulator).

Gameloft is stepping up to fill the void with an I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-Final-Fantasy title called Eternal Legacy. The graphics, characters, weapons, and fighting system are all very reminiscent of Final Fantasy games. That’s not surprising, since Gameloft has never exactly been known for its originality. But the game still looks awesome.

Eternal Legacy includes all the usual elements including 3D graphics, turn-based fighting, and a combination of fighting styles with swords, guns, and magic, and airships — because you can’t rip off Final Fantasy without airships. I’m not sure if there are fake Chocobos anywhere in the game.

Eternal Legacy is available from for $4.99.

The game has also been available for iOS since last year. You can download it [itunes link=”″ title=”eternal legacy” text=”from the App Store for $4.99″]. The iPad version will set you back $6.99.

via Droid Gamers

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