Video game retailer GameStop appears to be working on a service that would let Android smartphone and tablet users stream video games over the internet.

In other words, you wouldn’t just buy a game, download it to your device and run it. Instead the game would be running on a remote server and you’d use your mobile device to login and play. The upshot is that you may be able to play games which may be far large or resource-intensive to run on a smartphone.

Joystiq noticed several job postings for a new GameStop Android division which allude to the new service. GameStop also acquired a game-streaming service called Spawn Labs last month. The company’s technology makes it possible to stream console games over the internet allowing you to play on a computer.

The technology also makes it possible to purchase or rent a game and start playing immediately, since you don’t need to download a full game or insert physical media into your gaming console.

There’s no word on when GameStop’s service for Android might launch.

Brad Linder

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  1. how is this going to work with cell phone companies instigating new Data restrictions. Maybe if you just played it at home on you’re wifi network but that kinda defeats the purpose of having it on a cell phone doesn’t it?

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