Not everyone is blessed with a generous amount of bandwidth when it comes to cellular data contracts. That being the case, it’s nice to know about apps which can help you conserve precious megabytes while you’re out and about.

Get It Later is definitely a utility worth having at the ready. Here’s how it works: while you’re browsing the web or checking Gmail, you come across a file you want to download. Rather than chew up your cellular data allowance, you zap the link to Get It Later. Once your Android device latches on to a familiar Wi-Fi signal, Get It Later kicks in and automatically starts downloading the files you queued.

You can add a link by launching the app and entering the URL, or simply call up the share menu in your favorite browser.

The app is totally free, compatible with Android 2.1 or later, and an easy way to reign in your data usage — as long as you’re willing to wait for Wi-Fi to download those files.


Download Get It Later from AppBrain


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