There’s a new version of Google Books for iOS, which is optimized for the Apple iPad thanks to a new landscape mode that lets you view two pages at a time and browse through the 2 million books in the Google Books library in landscape.  I’m really not sure why it took this long before Google decided to enable this feature.

The new version of Google Books iOS app also improves searching within a particular eBook as it now lets you find all matches in the book as you scroll down. Also, you can now sign into Google eBookstore from within the app using your existing Google books username.

Other minor enhancement include the addition of a clear no-network error message alert, removal of the magnifier when reading eBooks, better and faster eBook downloading, and better usage on iPad Wi-Fi only devices.

Finally, one feature which was mentioned as minor enhancement but I really think should have been highlighted in the update note is the 3D page turning capability of the app for iDevices running iOS 4.3. This feature puts the app at par with Apple’s own iBooks app as well as the Amazon Kindle app for iOS devices.

Google Books for iOS device is available as a [itunes link=”″ title=”google books” text=”free download from the iTunes App Store”].