Google has pushed out an updated version of Google Maps for Android. Version 5.3 adds a new dashboard which shows your location history, so if you use Google Latitude to track your location or use the check-ins feature, you can see where you’ve been and how much time you’ve spent at each location.

That might not sound that exciting… but for stats junkies, it’s actually pretty cool. You can see how much time you spend at work, at home, or at other locations at a glance thanks to some pretty graphs and charts.

Google Maps 5.3 also lets you add “aspects” for different places. So for instance, if you’re rating a bar, you can rate the beer selection. If you’re rating a restaurant, you can rate the authenticity of the Mexican food.

In other Google Maps news, if you’ve been baffled by regional restrictions on Google Maps Navigation, there’s a hacked version of Google Maps 5.2.1 making the rounds that will let you get driving directions in multiple countries.

Brad Linder

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