Grooveshark is an online music service that lets you stream millions of songs instantly through a web browser or mobile device. But the company is having a hard time with its mobile apps. Last year Apple removed the company’s app from the App Store, so the only way to install Grooveshark on an iPhone is to jailbreak your device. Now Google has also removed the Grooveshark app from the Android Market.

Of course, it’s much easier to install non-market apps on an Android phone or tablet than an Apple device, but right Grooveshark doesn’t offer a download link for the Android app. Instead, the download page points to the Android Market.

Google hasn’t given a specific reason for pulling the app, other than the claim that it violates the company’s terms of service. But Grooveshark has run into plenty of trouble with record labels over the past few years. While most legit online music services work out deals with copyright holders before making songs available, Grooveshark tends to have a distribute first, negotiate later business model. Grooveshark’s massive library of 6 million songs have been uploaded by users.

It’s not clear if or when Grooveshark’s mobile app, which requires a Grooveshark VIP subscription plan to use, will again be available for Android devices. But based on the company’s legal troubles, it’s also not really clear how long Grooveshark will be around — although the company has survives legal challenges in the past and the service is still alive and kicking.

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