With the App Store’s iPad news category getting awfully full of Pulse-like RSS readers, many news apps are starting to stand out by adding unique features and functions.

Hitpad does just that: it collects and organizes the news based on what’s popular around the web. Using some proprietary algorithms, it determines what people are interested in on the Internet across various media sources, like Twitter and video. It then displays trending news topics in a column along the left side of the screen under a search bar.

If you tap on a listed topic (take Libya, for example), you get a screen full of news regarding Libya, like videos, tweets and photos. Clicking on the headers transports you to the source web page in Hitpad’s built-in browser. You can favorite and find related videos using buttons on the bottom left corner of the screen, and stories can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and via email.

For those who have a ‘need to know’ addiction or are just plain news-junkies, you will find this free app to be simple, intuitive and very convenient. The purpose of Hitpad is to minimize the time it takes to discover trending news, so the app collects it for you and displays virtually all the information within a glance. I’ll be anxiously waiting for it to launch on more iOS devices.

You can download Hitpad for free in the App Store.

via TUAW


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