It looks like HP may be preparing to launch new music and movie stories fro webOS devices including the upcoming HP TouchPad tablet. PreCentral received a tip suggesting that the tablet will have an HP Music Store and HP Movie Store.

The leak comes from a presentation HP sent to a PreCentral tipster. The images look like mockups for now, but the slide includes information about  the stores — and also a cloud-based storage locker that will let you keep your music online so you can listen on the go.

That sounds a lot like the cloud music storage service Amazon just launched, and much like the one Google is expected to introduced soon. But the HP TouchPad will apparently use an algorithm to detect the songs you’re most likely to play and make sure they’re cached on your tablet so you can listen even when there’s no internet connection handy.

While it sounds like the service will be for the HP TouchPad only at launch, it could eventually be released for webOS smartphones.

Brad Linder

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    1. You know what? I think you may be right.

      Or maybe I meant it could all just be a tall tale… nah, I won’t give myself that much credit. That was a typo. :)

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