After several months of beta testing, LinkedIn has released a mobile app for Google Android. The LinkediIn app is now available as a free download from the Android Market. You can also get a direct link by visiting

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, with a heavy focus on your work profile and your connections to current and former colleagues and business contacts.

The company has spruced up the app a bit since launching the beta test. The new version includes support for messages, as well as a “reconnect” button which helps you find people you may know based on your profile and connections.

You can use the app to post status updates, view updates from your contacts, send and receive messages, and view the profiles of your contacts. You can also add new contacts on the go, which is probably a killer feature for a professional networking app since LinkedIn can save you from having to hand out or accept yet another business card.

On the other hand, LinkedIn’s mobile app lacks some of the functions that I’ve come to expect from other social networking apps for Android. For instance, there’s no home screen widget, and you can’t share web pages or other links using the Android sharing menu.

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