Cooliris’ LiveShare app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 makes group photo streaming easy. The app lets you create private shared groups and invite as many friends as you like to view and contribute to your shared photo streams.

With LiveShare, you can upload photos into a collective stream that others in your group can add to as well. Photos can come from multiple sources and can be added to the same stream. This essentially means that you don’t have to go through each member of your group’s facebook page to see all the photos from the last party or concert you attended. It will all be in a single stream and one location–LiveShare.

In its most recent release, LiveShare received an extremely well-done commenting feature. This adds a new social dimension to the service by simply allowing you and your friends to make comments to the pictures in your streams. Every time that a new comment is added by you or your friends, all group members receive a notification.

While the group messaging apps’ market has become rather crowded over the past year, LiveShare’s dedication to a single function makes it special. The quality UI: attractive and easy to navigate, plus the uniformity of ‘all your pictures in a single app’, makes it very convenient and a wise choice if your social group is looking for an easy way to manage and share photos.

LiveShare is available for free on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7. For additional information, visit The Cooliris Blog.


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