The folks at have released an updated version of their iPhone social video sharing app [itunes link=”″ title=”socialcam” text=”SocialCam”]. The app was already pretty slick when I checked it out last month, but TechCrunch reports that version 2.0 now integrates with your camera roll, letting you upload existing videos and save videos to your local storage. A similar updated is coming soon to the Android version of SocialCam.

Here are a few other mobile app stories from around the web in brief.

  • Adobe Connect brings online meetings to the BlackBerry PlayBook
    Adobe has released Adobe Connect Mobile for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, bringing 2-way video calling, screen sharing, and other web conferencing tools to the BlackBerry tablet. [PocketBerry]
  • Swiftkey launches new beta keyboard apps for Android phones, tablets
    A new Swiftkey beta apps feature the ability to learn from your Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter apps. The company also promises better battery usage and improved responsiveness. [Droid Life]
  • FileMaker Go for iOS adds charts, signatures, and AirPrint
    The latest version of FileMaker now supports bar charts, are charts, line charts, and pie charts as well as digital signatures and AirPrint. The apps don’t come cheap though, at $20 for the iPhone version and $40 for the iPad app. [TUAW]
  • The White House introduces Android app, updates iOS app
    The White House app is now available for Google Android, letting you get news alerts, blog posts, and behind the scenes media. The iPhone app also has a few new features including the ability to share updates. [PocketNow]
  • ZDclock widget for Android with alarms, reminders
    There are plenty of home screen clock widgets for Android, but ZDclock packs a few extra features including birthday, anniversary and othe reminders. The app is customizable and offers three different
  • Microsoft Photosynth Panorama App hits iOS before WP7
    Microsoft has a strange habit of releasing mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and other platforms before Windows Phone 7. That kind of makes sense, because those are more mature platforms, but it still seems silly. The latest example? Photosynth is an app that lets you stitch photos together to create panoramas. [SlashGear]
  • CoverItLive comes to Google Android
    CoverItLive is a service for live-blogging events. Now there’s a new app in the Android Market for posting live updates from press conferences or other news events. You can create and manage live events, moderate comments, and upload photos and videos from within the app. [Android Central]

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