Google Android 2.3.4 may include video chat capabilities, hackers have discovered a way to install iPad apps on an iPhone, and HTC Sense 3.0 may include a new keyboard that looks an awful lot like Swype. Here’s a roundup of mobile tech news from around the web:

  • SocialJogger social networking app ripped from the Acer Iconia Tab
    SocialJogger is a custom social networking app developed for acer tablets. A member of the xda-developers community has posted an installer file that will let you run the app on other Android devices to keep up with your Facebook and Twitter contacts. For a tablet app, it looks pretty great on a smartphone.
  • HTC Sensation to feature new HTC Trace keyboard
    The upcoming HTC Sensation will be the first phone to ship with HTC Sense 3.0 software, and one of the hidden goodies is a new keyboard which appears to work much like the Swype keyboard, allowing you to slide your thumb from letter to letter to enter words without lifting it from the screen.
  • VEVO music video site now available in the UK
    VEVO offers about 25,000 music videos on its web site and through its mobile apps for Android and iOS. But until this week VEVO was only available in the US. Now UK residents can also use the company’s mobile apps.
  • BaconReader update makes the best Android Reddit app even better
    BaconReader is still technically in alpha testing, but it’s already the best way to participate in the reddit community on an Android smartphone. Now there’s a new version available for testing, with an internal web browser, collapsible comment threads, and more.
  • MyApps makes it easy to find apps by developer in Cydia
    Have a favorite developer of utilities for jailbroken iOS devices? Now you can more easily find packages in the Cydia store by developer using a free utility called MyApps.
  • Google Android 2.3.4 may include Google Talk video chat
    The headline pretty much says it all. This one’s still in rumor territory for now, but word on the street is that pre-release test builds of Google Android 2.3.4 include support for making video calls over Google Talk.
  • Yammer (Twitter for the workplace) adds launches an iPad app
    Yammer is a social networking/microblogging service that works just like Twitter — if Twitter were limited to you and your coworkers. The idea is that you can share thoughts and idle gossip without spilling company secrets. Now you can do all that on an iPad.
  • How to install iPad apps on a (jailbroken) iPhone
    Sure, part of the appeal of most iPad apps is that they were designed for a nice big screen, but if you’ve been itching to run an iPad-only app on your iPhone, now you can… as long as your iPhone is jailbroken.

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