HBO’s mobile app is coming soon to Android, Windows Phone 7.5 is on the way, and The History Channel and War Drums Studios launch a new real-time strategy game for Android devices with NVIDIA Tegra chips. Here’s a roundup of news about iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone software from around the web.

  • HBO Go coming to “select” Android phones May 2nd
    HBO has been working on a mobile video service that would allow subscribers to watch TV shows and movies on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. Now comes word that DirecTV customers with HBO subscriptions and some Android handset models will gain access in a few weeks. [Android Central]
  • “Mango” update may be called Windows Phone 7.5
    Microsoft has been talking up its next major update for Windows Phone 7 for a while, promising some major new features including support for true multitasking. Now it looks like the update will also bring a new version number. [WP Central]
  • Try GrooveShark VIP for free by answering surveys
    In order to use online music service Grooveshark’s mobile apps you need a jailbroken iDevice, an Android device that supports non-Market apps, and a Grooveshark VIP subscription. Now you can get that subscription for free by answering a few surveys, which is a great way to try Grooveshark for a month or two without paying a dime. [Lifehacker]
  • Conde Nast slows the pace of new iPad magazine launches
    Publishers have been eying the Apple iPad and similar tablets as potential saviors for the dying newspaper and magazine industries. But Conde Nast has apparently seen lower digital circulation rates for its iPad app than the company had hoped, and is scaling back plans for new editions. [Ad Age]
  • launches an Android app
    Need a job? One of the top job-searching web sites has launched a mobile app for Android to help you find one. You know, so you can pay your phone bill… in order to actually use the app. It’s a vicious circle. [EuroDroid]
  • Great Battles Medieval RTS comes to NVIDIA Tegra 2 tablets
    War Drum Studios and the History channel have put together a slick new real-time strategy game called Great Medieval Battles. It’s now available for Android devices with NVIDIA Tegra 2 processors. [Droid Gamers]

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