Three out of four imaginary doctors recommend a daily dose of news, reviews, and videos from Mobiputing every day. And you wouldn’t want to disappoint three doctors I just made up, now would you? Fortunately it’s easier than ever to keep up with the latest from Mobiputing, thanks to the new Mobiputing Android app.

You can grab the free ad-supported Mobiputing app from the Android Market. If you prefer the ad-free experience, you can pick up Mobiputing Pro for just $0.99.

Both apps bring you the latest headlines and full length stories from Mobiputing. If you’re only interested in Android news you can filter by the Android category. There’s also a video section for the latest Mobiputing video content.

We’re also working on an iPhone version of the app which should be available soon.

Brad Linder

Brad Linder is editor of Liliputing and Mobiputing. He's been tinkering with mobile tech for decades and writing about it since...