The Silverlight platform is Microsoft’s answer to Adobe Flash, allowing developer to write rich media applications for the web or for computers. And Moonlight is an open source implementation of Silverlight designed to run Silverlight apps on Linux. Now the developers of Moonlight are working to port the project to Android.

That means you may be able to run some Silverlight apps on Android eventually, using a browser or maybe even a native app.

The developers showed off a demo this week at the MIX11 developer conference. The video below shows vector-based graphics running at between 37 and 55 frames per second on a Motorola XOOM tablet. The same demo can also run on smartphones such as the Google Nexus S.


via hacker news

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4 replies on “Moonlight (Silverlight for Linux) coming to Android”

  1. I’ve always found moonlight to be useless as the only thing I’ve ever used silverlight for is watching netflix which is not possible in moonlight because it doesn’t have the DRM component. I think Microsoft got in a bit late – most web app developers are already familiar with flash and don’t feel the need to learn a new platform to do essentially the same thing, but for the smaller audience of people who have bothered to install silverlight. So, hooray, I guess.

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