Music and movie streaming service mSpot recently launched a new Movies Club which makes it possible to rent new release movies for lower prices than you’d find at Amazon, iTunes, or other online video services. Here’s how it works. You can rent videos one by one at normal prices — usually around $3.99 for a new release. Or you can pay for a monthly subscription which gets you credits to pay for discounted movies.

For instance, the latest Harry Potter movie normally runs $3.99. But if you pay for a subscription plan you can use credits to effectively rent the movie for $3.25.

The monthly plans run $4.99 per month for 20 credits (up to 4 movies), $7.99 for 40 credits (up to 8 movies), or $15.99 for 80 credits (up to 16 movies).

Of course, this is only a good deal if you actually know you’re going to watch that many movies per month. But the advantage to using mSpot as opposed to a stream-all-you-like service such as Netflix is that mSpot gets new release titles faster than Netflix. There’s also no official Netflix app for Android yet, although one is expected soon.

You can download mSpot apps from the Android Market and the[itunes link=”″ title=”mspot movies” text=” iTunes App Store”].

via Android Central

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