Paltalk‘s mobile video chat app is now available on the Android platform, allowing Android users to  access the Paltalk community’s 4 million members. Previously, the app was only available on iOS and BlackBerry.

Besides browsing and joining chat rooms by hundreds of topics and categories, you can view multiple simultaneous video streams within the rooms. Also, participate in group chats via text and chat one-on-one via IM or SMS. The app also includes multitasking capabilities, meaning you can continue to get messages while you listen to music, play games or check email on your device.

The app also supports photo messaging, both from a phone to a computer or another phone. It includes landscape and portrait multi-view video modes, and the app’s design is suitable for any Android device, including tablets.

Paltalk’s best quality is its ‘something for everyone’ approach regarding categories. Upon signing-in the app, you’ll face a list of broad room options: categories, featured rooms, my favorites and last visited rooms. However, downloading the app from the Android Market means that certain rooms will be unavailable (namely ‘R-rated rooms’, to put it nicely). To access these, you’ll have to download the app from Paltalk’s website.

If you’re a Paltalk user on your computer, you’ll want to have this app. To download it for free, head to the Android Market, App Store, or BlackBerry App World.

via Intomobile


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