If the thought of blasting TIE fighters as they flew around your backyard had you in a tizzy, then this news should really excite you. Qualcomm has announced that its augmented reality platform is dropping the beta label and is now ready for prime time development. Apart from its own AR SDK, Qualcomm is also making a plug-in for the popular Unity 3D gaming engine — so expect to see all kinds of spinoffs of existing Unity-based games coming in the near future. Sorry, iOS users, but the platform is all about Android for the time being (specifically version 2.1 or better). All we have to do is wait for the Kids in the Hall to sanction an official “I’m crushing your head” game, and we’ll be good to go.

And while games built using the Qualcomm SDK and Unity should work on just about any Android device, the company is quick to mention that they’ll “work best” on those running its Snapdragon processors.

via Android Community



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