Sure, there’s already a Dropbox app for Android devices, but it only tends to files located in its own local directory. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to upload any file or folder from your phone and have that happen automatically?

Of course it would, and the developer of ScheduledSync agrees — which is why exactly why he’s created the app.

Punch in your Dropbox credentials and choose which files and folders you want to upload, and ScheduledSync takes care of the rest. You can choose a start time and sync interval, and you’re also able to limit its activity to Wi-Fi connections only so you don’t accidentally chew up your mobile data allowance. It’s a great way to silently back up new photos you take or videos you capture on your Android device, especially since they’ll automatically be copied both to the Dropbox cloud and any connected computers which you have tied to the same account.

via XDA-Developers

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