Viddy is an iPhone app that lets you shoot a short video or choose one from your library, then add advanced graphic effects to it. These videos can then be posted for others to see using different social networking sites. If you’re an avid user of [itunes link=”″ title=”instagram” text=”Instagram”], an app that performs a similar function but with photos, this app will feel incredibly similar. 

The idea is simple: record a key moment of your life, customize it to your taste, and share it with friends and family. Register for Viddy’s free service, provide a profile photo, and advance to the app’s homepage. From there, you can access links to Viddy users you are following, as well as popular and trending videos. You can also access your recent activity, favorites, video feed and profile.

Tap ‘Share’ and videos may be taken on the spot or selected from your iPhone’s camera roll. You can then add a variety of effects, such as 3D, black and white, vintage and hued, as well as titling your film and adding tags. You can currently share your edited video with Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Integration with Foursquare and Tumblr is expected to be added soon.

While this app has a unique central feature, everything about it is extremely similar to Instagram, a photo-centric app made by a separate company. From the color scheme to the layout of the UI, Viddy feels like Instagram’s video-related sibling.

Viddy is available as a[itunes link=”″ title=”viddy” text=” free download from the App Store”].


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  1. I love this app!
    It’s an instant buy-in for Instagram lover.
    I immediately joined in and uploaded my first vintage video.
    Awesomeness! This just might become the next big thing.

    I posted a quick look on the app here in my blog:

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