Showyou is a new video app for iOS which grabs videos shared by your Facebook, Twitter and other social media contacts and presents them to you in a sort of wall-of-video interface. It’s available as a free [itunes link=”″ title=”showyou” text=”download from the App Store”].

The idea is that you get to see the latest videos you’re most likely to be interested in, because they’ve been shared by your friends. And the user interface is designed for touch input and browsing. The app doesn’t look like a Twitter timeline or a web browser. It’s designed from he ground up to help you find videos by showing thumbnail icons and brief descriptions.

You can also follow other Showyou users and view your YouTube subscriptions in the app. For now, the only videos that the app will display are those from YouTube, Vimeo, and TED, but additional HTML5 video sources will be added eventually.

The fact that Showyou uses your social media contacts to find videos isn’t the only social aspect. You can also share videos from within the app and comment on videos.

Honestly, at a glance, the iPad user interface seems kind of busy. But Showyou is also available for the iPhone and iPod touch with a much more basic UI.

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One reply on “Showyou brings social media videos into the iPad age”

  1. The Showyou 2D Grid is awesome.
    You can swipe thru up to 1,000 videos laid out in the grid in any direction, even diagonally.
    It’s just mesmerizing watching a mozaic of videos passing by.

    Check out my quick review with comparison on how Showyou looks like on both iPad and iPhone here:

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