Skyfire is rolling out a new version of the popular Skyfire web browser for Android today. The browser is known for its social and multimedia features, and the latest version gets a few tweaks in both areas.

The SkyBar which provides quick access to Skyfire’s special features is now user configurable. You can choose which of the 14 features you want to place on the SkyBar, including new options such as Twitter, Groupon, and Google Reader.

Skyfire 4.0 also no longer displays video thumbnails automatically when you load a page. Instead you can press a video icon after a page has loaded to scan for video. This should improve page load times while still allowing you to view web video from a variety of sites.

Since Skyfire uses remote servers to compress videos before sending them to your phone, some video sites that aren’t normally accessible in a mobile browser work with Skyfire. Unfortunately that doesn’t include Hulu.

The basic browser is available as a free download, but starting with Skyfire 3.0, most users will have to pay $2.99 for the premium video feature. Verizon Wireless customers get that feature at no additional charge.

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