Google has made the unusual decision to hold off on publicly releasing the source code for Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb, at least until the company decides the OS is ready to run properly on a wide range of devices. But that hasn’t stopped certain pieces of Honeycomb source from hitting the public.

Last week Asus released some of the source code for the new Eee Pad Transformer, a tablet which runs Android 3.0. And over the weekend, Google Android developer Jean-Baptiste Queru added some Honeycomb code to the Android Open Source Project repository.

What’s currently available isn’t the full source code for Android 3.0, but rather a snapshot that can be used to test for incompatibilities in the the future. But Al Sutton compiled the source code and built a working version of he Android operating system. It doesn’t have all the features you’d find in Honeycomb, but some Android 3.0 features are present.

Sutton also notes that there are new options to build Android for x86 processors, which could mean that the AOSP project will officially support that feature. It could also have something to do with the fact that this isn’t a full release though — the build options might have been included for testing purposes only.

via Android Guys

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