The developers behind the Songbird music player have released an updated version that adds support for tablets running Google Android 3.0. But there are also improvements fro smartphone users including better support for Bluetooth headsets, improved widget stability, and the ability to hear audible notifications even when music is playing.

The lock screen widget lets you play or pause music or skip tracks without first swiping to unlock your phone, which is kind of nice. What’s less nice is the fact that it essentially means you have two lock screens when you’re using Songbird to play music. That’s because it doesn’t replace your default lock screen. It just rests on top of it. So when you hit the power button on your phone, you see a music widget. You can swipe down to make it go away, but then you still have to swipe to finish unlocking your phone.

Fortunately if you don’t like the lock screen widget, you can turn it off and just take advantage of the stability improvements in Songbird 1.1. The app is available as a free download from the Android Market.

Update: There’s a new version of Songbird which lets you unlock your phone with the same swipe as you use to dismiss the music lock screen widget.

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