One of the most recognized fake-news sources, The Onion, has officially launched its Onion Tablet app for iPad.

Within the app, you’ll find most of the Onion’s daily news content, such as News in Briefs and American Voices. It features HD-quality videos
and hi-res image content such as Statshots and News in Photos. Best of all, these images are full screen, meaning the app is fully utilizing the iPad’s beautiful 10″ display. The Onion’s A.V Club project is not currently included.

The new application supports a layout which allows the users to “touch the news”, meaning it’s optimized for the iPad’s large, touch-based user interface. You can easily touch and swipe left or right to manipulate the app’s content. This style of managing an application is on the rise, as opposed to dedicated buttons at the top and bottom of the screen.

The biggest complaint being reported so far seems to be the fact that it’s ad supported, but it’s also free. One ad appears right in your face when the app opens, and it sticks around for what’s said to be longer than it should. Of course, this kind of issue can always be fixed in an update.

Onion Tablet is current exclusive to the iPad. You can download it for free from the App Store.

via Tuaw


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